-to celebrate her freedom! Marriage and celebrity don’t seem to mix for women in showbiz and the world of make believe – acting. As it is for them in Europe so it has been for those in Africa; especially in Nigeria and South Africa; marital accidents and messy divorces have been the order of the day for most. And from what we hear from the grapevine, many of these married celebrities are not happy in their marriages but are papering over the yawning cracks so it won’t become topic of gossip and gist on the social media, in beer parlours and hair dressing salons. But for some who can no longer hold their grievances and growing frustration, the choice seems to be putting asunder what God (?) has joined together. And when they untie the knot and let everything out, it looks like they are free to rock single life again. The latest girl to join the growing list of actresses who failed to keep their homes is Uche Iwuji whose marriage to Juwon Lawal has finally hit the rocks. She has found freedom as a single lady again. She celebrated her newly found freedom with new sexy pictures andseems not to be feeling any emotional grief from the rumours of what could have torpedoed the marriage. Worse is that she seems not to be putting her child into consideration, especially as experiences have shown over and again that when a marriage crashes, it is the kids who suffer most. A classic case of the grass bearing the brunt when Elephants fight. But before the shit from the marriage collapse hits the fan; she is trying to look hotter and sexier going by her recent social outings and photos. So Nigerian female celebrities now see marriage as a prison yard! Hmmm, if she is part of the people that views marriage like that, thank God for her that she is free again. But whatever happens to ‘till death do us part?’
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