One of Nollywood’s highest paid actresses, Mercy Johnson Okojie has opened up about being scared of failure. According to the sultry actress, “Success is hard. It’s never easy. It takes more than luck to make the right decisions, and the right choices. “A lot of people have actually been acting before me, but they are just nowhere close. It’s not because I am better, it’s grace. One of my biggest phobias was failure. I had a phobia for it” The heavily pregnant Mercy Johnson is rarely seen at any event and she revealed why she does not socialize much like her colleagues in Nollywood. She also disclosed why criticisms don’t bother her. “I had gone through all of that, growing up, I had cried all the tears I needed to cry. Nobody can make me go back now. So it’s like hate all you want, I am moving. So you are just going to stay there and keep talking and I am ahead of you. It’s more or less like you know me, I don’t know you,” she said. “I didn’t grow up in an environment that was very sociable, I didn’t have friends. Since I got into the industry, I can say I am one person that you can hardly meet in a club house or at party. Even events, it’s really hard to see me there because that’s just not me,” the Kogi State-born mother of one added. your social media marketing partner