The burial of Mrs Victoria Okafor, mother of famous comic actor, John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, may have come and gone, but what many present at the event will not forget in a hurry was an ugly incident that broke out at the ceremony. According to a source who divulged the information to, there would have been another death in Nollywood, but for the prompt intervention of a comic actor known as Dede One Day. The source told us that while the Christian wake was going on at Amuri, Nkanu Enugu state, an argument ensued between Nollywood actor, Chris Bassey, and owner of a popular film marketing firm, Magic Movie. It was disclosed to that during the argument, Magic Movies allegedly grabbed a bottle and threatened to [email protected] Chris Bassey. “Magic Movies (allegedly) became tipsy and tapped Chris on his head several times while they were arguing over an issue. This got Chris angry and the marketer angrier. I don’t know if they have had animosity between before then. But Magic Movies went too far threatening to break a bottle on Chris,” the source, who claimed to have witnessed the incident, told us. But when contacted Magic Movies to confirm the story, he denied any of such incident happening. “It is not me please. It never happened. Don’t mind all these small boys,” he informed us in a text message on Monday. However, Chris confirmed the incident to when also contacted. He narrated that, "I saw that so called marketer (Magic Movies) earlier in the day in his hotel, we greeted as I haven’t seen him for over five months and I later left for a location I was recording with Onyeze Production. After I had done with my scenes, I left the set with Joyce Kalu and Kingsley Ogbonna (aka Dauda) for the event. “On arriving Mr Ibu’s hometown, I greeted an artist I last shot a movie with in Lagos. From nowhere, Magic (Movies) said I should get away from his back. This made me ask if he had any with the actor I greeted, but before I knew it, he tapped my head many times and held my shirt, calling me a small boy. “The next thing, he grabbed a bottle and threatened to break it on my head. I don’t just know what is wrong with him. He is just too full of himself.” your social media marketing partner