Star actress,Opeyemi Ayeola has been off the scene for over 5 years and this is because she had to relocate to London to start a family following her marriage to UK-based businessman,Olayiwola Owolomose. Since she relocated,much has not been heard from the pretty actress who recently was delivered of her second baby,Oluwasemilore David. Ope will tell whoever cares to listen that having her first son,Samuel Eriminuoluwa and second born Oluwasemilore within 3 years is the best thing to have ever happened to her. In a recent interview,Ope opens up on her plans to make a comeback into acting. She said; I have taken my time off work,off social life for family.God has been faithful,so it’s time I get back on the work track. My plans are to get back into my career by God’s grace,take care of my kids,my husband and also build a life for myself in the United Kingdom as well. Because I feel my 4 years in this country have been some how stagnant so I want to move on and plan my life very well. I have a project that I have had under my pillow for a while so I intend to bring it on,introduce it to my fans and 2 other new projects inspired by the Holyspirit which I will bring out.I have also got other plans,which I don’t want to tell anybody right now because it also has to do with my husband,and my mum. I also intend travelling back to Nigeria to build a life for myself there also. Asked, the movie industry you left is now so competitive,how do you intend coping with this?she said I feel everyone has got his or her place in the world.My place can’t be taken by anyone. I don’t feel threatened.The world is large enough to contain everybody so also is the industry and there’s this saying that your works will find you out,so if you know you’re good at what you do,your work will find you out. I can’t fill in anybody’s place,so I believe my work will sure find me out. your social media marketing partner