Top actress Iyabo Ojo is no doubt one of the most beautiful, stylish and most sought after actresses in the Nigeria movie industry, who has carved a niche for herself in the industry, based on her agility in displaying what she knows how to do best, which is acting. She’s one of the actresses that make things happen in the Nigerian entertainment industry,especially in the Yoruba movie genre. The beautiful mother of two in a recent interview opens up on her marriage plans. She said; Everybody keeps asking me when I am going to get married.Maybe when the right guy comes knocking on the door,I will open.I wouldn’t say I haven’t found the right person,I have,but it is not easy to find a nice person who is a friend who is a life time partner. Having made the 1st mistake,I wouldn’t want to make the 2nd mistake.I am not someone who believes in having too many children,that is another problem.I am so contented and satisfied with my kids,and if I have to marry,it has to be a man who would love my kids,and love them like they are his own. And it is so difficult to find such for me.I haven’t really come across someone who will really,really love my kids for who they are. And most of the time maybe I’m in a relationship with someone who is taking care of me and also showing love to my kids,maybe we are not just compatible for marriage.There are a lot of things you need to go into before getting married. Asked,will being a star or a celebrity not make it difficult to find a true husband;she said Yes,that makes it more difficult because being a star attract so many guys to you.Many of these guys come because of the stardom. Many of the guys who come chasing me come because of the Iyabo they watch on the screen,they don’t really know me.I am different from the person you watch on the screen. Most of the guys who come after us,we actresses,are guys who just want it said that I am dating so,so,actress.Unknown to you,many of them already have a life and they hide that life away from you.And when eventually you find out it hurts and you then decide I don’t want to be part of this mess. This is why I have to take my time.I often tell people,if you rush into marriage,you are going to rush out. your social media marketing partner