Omotola Ekeinde was really angry..let's hope the right officials get to see this. But rather than getting commendations, angry fans used the opportunity to vent their angers on the sultry actress. "Guess she just woke up from an eternal slumber..Is this not what she and her colleages should use their fame for? To draw attention to how the country is being run rather they feature in all the political ads and government feel good propaganda." "Your colleagues in the industry are the number 1 culprit that should be stoned together with the politicians. They have decided to align with our oppressors and slave masters .They have negated the truth and chose not to side with the people all for a bowl of porridge. Shame on you all........." "Since govt no grin let her be one ambassador she don begin insult....go and sleep Omotola, what have you done wit all d so called fame? How many helpless children have u helped? How many do you pay their school fees? It is not enough for you to start blabbing on twitter.....get a life." "She is saying the truth. We have sulked up to our corrupt leaders. We feel its ok for them to steal our money. We feel happy when they oppress us with the stolen wealth. I am listening to D'banj singing about money and sorry for the poor ones. The same poor ones who save N100 to buy his album. It doesn't matter when we awake from our slumber but we must wake up and demand our right." Below is her tweet: your social media marketing partner