Controversial gospel singer, Caroline Sam better known as Maheeda, has explained that her posting of unclad pictures online is not a publicity stunt but her own way of just getting the job done. Maheeda, in a recent interview with Saturday Tribune, revealed that she has been married for two years now that even at what she is doing, her husband still loves and respect her but was quick to respond that if he decides to divorce her, that will be his own business as she will get another man immediately. “He loves it, he always says, ‘oh, so my wife is this sexy’. There was a time he read online that Maheeda is one of the hottest women in Nigeria, he called me and said. ‘Can you imagine, I’m married to one of the sexiest women in Nigeria’ and he was happy about it. People are different, but that is my husband’s own way,” she noted. “Ahn, Ahn, that’s his luck now, do you know how many men are running after me? I met him at a bar where I was working,” she stressed. The singer explained that what people don’t know about her is that she is a very homely person and likes to hang around her daughter and her husband because she does not keep friends. “Hmm, I’m very homely. I like to play around with my daughter, we do homework together, we talk about school. We don’t have a house help, so I do my cleaning and other chores myself. I even feel lonely because I don’t have friends, I have my daughter and husband only as friends,” she exposed. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... I Was Ordained By God Not Righteous Man.......Prophet Soul E Gospel Singer Kefee Faints In Airplane Fans Not Happy With Yvonne Nelson's Claim (Avoiding Iyanya) Iyabo Ojo Stuns In New Photos Kanu Nwankwo Shows Off Wife Annie Macaulay Gushes Over Daughters Neigbours Hail Taye Taiwo's Generosity your social media marketing partner