reported last week that controversial journalist and daughter of former governor of Oyo State, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, was beaten to stupor by her younger sister and nephew last Wednesday. Her sister Funke Olunloyo, formerly Omitowoju and a mother of 4 had accused her of trying to bring the Oyo APC government down. According to Kemi's release last week, while being beaten, Kemi's mother allegedly cheered onand encouraged the act. Kemi suffered head injuries, knee bruises, a huge cut on her toe and here is the statement she released just a few days after the whole issue. "Funke is the one who initially disgraced my family name. I know you like to post the truth on Facebook and you are transparent and blunt. Every family has their own dirty laundry too. I would like to save my name. There was NO REASON for her to enlist her teenage son Ayowapo Fifehan Omitowoju to join her attacking you dangerously kicking you in the head unconscious for a few minutes and choking you into stopping breathing. There is no reason for your mother to watch and cheer Funke carrying splashing and leaking petrol in an open jheri can threatening to pour it on you. I was told of all these developments by eye witnesses. I warned her maid on Saturday about continued rudeness and violence in that house and yet she attacked you with a pick axe on Monday because she was protecting Funke's gas cylinder from you. Everyone should be able to cook anytime.Some online media are reporting Funke as your elder sister when you are 4 years older than her. I know It's a stupid assumption because she's a government official. There is no reason for you to be eating your first cooked meal since Sunday night today Friday 5 days later because of a lockdown of cooking fuel. This is all a disgrace to my name. I know you have not gone out to eat for 5 days due to your car being repaired. If you need to move in here with me to cook and get some peace, please do that. Your mother should not be over there camping for 3days causing more trouble. Walk away from all of them. One day I will close the home I built for all of you and throw everybody OUT!" Victor Omololu Olunloyo my dad recorded by me Friday 9/19/14 in a meeting about my brutal assault Wednesday Sept 17th and Monday September 15th. I can be tough too. Nigerian Police have not done their job and need to start handling domestic violence. By subjecting myself to this assault, I did not want to fight back. I simply wanted people to see Funke Olunloyo's history of violence that runs deep, got her finger amputated at 7 when I was 11 one afternoon at Premier Hotel when we were kids. Her aggression had started 40 yrs ago when after swimming we argued and I vividly remember her hitting me with a coco yam plant branch. That plant caused me an allergy and I began itching and had asthma. Asthma paralyzed me as a kid and she came after me with that plant again and I threatened to shut the car door on her hands. She attacked me with the plant again, I was covered with hives and dared me to, putting her fingers in the door jam and I slammed my parents car door. Her finger was amputated and treated at UCH. All this while my parents were paying for our food and swimming. She got kicked out of my house by police in America during one of her fake vacations, violence cost her a divorce 12 years ago after beating the hell out of her ex husband businessman Muyiwa Omitowoju and inflicting massive child abuse on my son KJ in 2006 because he wet her bed on an overnite trip to his cousins. She also stabbed me 2012 with a kitchen knife in the famous dispute where her disgusting son the same one that assaulted me stole my BB memory card out of my Canadian phone and erased it. My Fox News and CNN archives were gone forever. It would cost me N250,000 to replace to call every network who normally charge $80-100$ per tape with about 13 of my lifelong media work. Funke blamed me for this boy's theft when her son secretly went into my office stealing the entire phone and KJ's PlayStation which we found all in his possession. Argument ensued, I was making a salad, she grabbed the knife, stabs me December 2012 and all I get in my city is all this bullshit about why we live in the same house and don't talk or haven't spoken since 2012. Only thing I share is that big kitchen she has now possessed seizing 2 gas cookers and one electric. My family means nothing to me anymore. At 50 I should be enjoying my life not being in an attempted murder by my sister and nephew. Funke Olunloyo is the Oyo state Special adviser to the Governor on Education. Start by educating your own children. What a joke! So desperate she accused me of trying to bring down the APC Government simply because I tweeted the governor 25 times in a chat to fix our street that swallowed a bus full of people and give us water. Now you Ibadan idiots know why we never talk though we share the same house. Nigerians dote all over domestic violence yet cheer it. It's not always man versus woman, My sister's was wife versus husband and sister versus sister. #FamilyDomesticViolence affects everyone. My children are affected, developed huge animosity on several members of the family and it should all begin with police intervention. Below are the tweets to my closest fans on twitter on my private handle. She concluded... Click the link below to go to... Tonto Dikeh's Police Arrest Threat**I Never Abandoned A Movie Set For Another--Tonto UNCOVERED ! THE 3 REASONS RAP STAR,MI DENIED HIS MARRIAGE PLANS TO ERICA OKUNDAYE Davido Flaunts N10m Cheque Online**Apologises For Act ADESUWA COST ME 18 MILLION NAIRA SAYS JOHN ABUA. 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