While most people are still basking in the fond memories of Valentine; Lovers Day, popular Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law and his wife, Stacy Ebere will unfortunately not have fond memories of 2015's World Lovers Day and the reason is not far-fetched. The dark complexioned comedian and his beautiful wife lost their child shortly after birth in a hospital in Maryland, USA. Painfully, the rib-cracker had already christened the baby Cossy before her death. No longer able to bear the pains alone, Seyi Law shared the sad news on Instagram by writing: 'My heart is blank, My joy has disappeared, Anger has become my companion. The wait is over with a bitter end. Oh Lord! why does it have to be me? I am so imperfect and never denied it. The pains of nine months has amounted to nothing. We believe so much in you. 'How do I console her when I can’t find strength myself? I thought my feet will dance this season. I have enlarged my tent in waiting, But my wait has been hit with sadness. I don’t want to murmur or complain, But my emotions are hurt. 'Help me to stand Lord. So, I can always be thankful. I want to be stronger in praises this period. I want to hold her hands to comfort her. Help us to pass this season while standing. Rest well Cossy," he wrote.
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