Supreme Mavin Dynasty (SMD), Boss, Don Jazzy whose real name is Michael Collins, might just be blessing a person who might become another staff of the record label if things go well. But Don Jazzy is also re-thinking on how easy it is to dupe unsuspecting people. He invited a guitarist whom he heard his percussion skills on a social media platform to continue his work on a possible music production. But the SMD Boss has also revealed that unsuspecting victims could fall victims to fraudsters who could strip them of their own works. He said, "I randomly sent a message to this amazing guitarist I saw on Instagram. And he believed me straight away and is on his way to the SMD studio now. "That) Got me thinking; 'What if it was not really me???? Guys please be very careful. Some people are very evil. I do not want any of you getting duped by bad people." He advised that perseverance will lead anyone to be recognised at the right time. "On another note. Practice and develop Ur skills and be great at what you do. You never know who is watching. When you re good at what you do, Kings would come looking for you," he said. your social media marketing partner