After announcing on his Instagram page on Tuesday that he has sealed a deal with Air Peace, Five Star artiste, KCce has come under attack. The singer had reportedly claimed that he was the first artiste to be named the brand ambassador for the airline, but his fans took him on it. “Whoever said hard work doesn’t pay hasn’t tried hard enough! Air Peace just added another feather to my cap by making me their brand ambassador. Shouts out to all the other major brands I represent in Nigeria. First Nigerian artist to be endorsed by an airline,” he had claimed. But those who keep records informed the singer that his claim is false, sounding it loud to him that prolific filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan was made the brand ambassador for Air France weeks before his deal. It was also pointed out to him that D’Banj was once a brand ambassador for Virgin Airline. “Who told you you’re the first Nigerian artiste to be endorsed by an airline? You were still small when Virgin endorsed D’Banj anyway,” a fan told KCee. your social media marketing partner