From the beginning was the word, the word that was felt from far and wide. It's a five letter word it's mysterious and invisible, with its power of invincibility it can make one disappears.


From the beginning was the word, the word that was felt from far and wide. It's a five letter word it's mysterious and invisible, with its power of invincibility it can make one disappears.


From the beginning was the word, the word that was felt from far and wide. It's a five letter word it's mysterious and invisible, with its power of invincibility it can make one disappears.


  Death. Death that fears no one, death that makes giants falls and makes the little one shivers.

  It all started as a joke, but then and gradually it becomes a word in everyone's lips.

 The death that makes every living souls, human or animal trembles at hearing just its name.

 The Death in June, one of the greatest death. It took the great away and destroy the little's.

 From the very beginning of the month of June 2016, till the very end of it, it was very tough.

 It's a miracle i slept for more than the thirty days most people couldn't even live up to half of it.

 With sadness on my face and a broken-heart, i decide to make research on famous people that died in the month of June 2016, i came across over five hundred (500) names but then i realize it will be a 'too long' list to look into so i narrowed out the most popular set of people all over the world including Nigeria and other African countries still counting about 250.

If i am to make a wish on longevity, i would wish i never die at all... But is it possible???

  June 1

Agostino Coletto, 88, Italian racing cyclist.

Roger Enrico, 71, American businessman (PepsiCo, DreamWorks).

Razak Khan, 65, Indian film actor (Baadshah, Hello Brother, Akhiyon Se Goli Maare)

Wang Jui, 85, Taiwanese actor

June 2

Donny Everett, 19, American baseball player (Vanderbilt Commodores), drowned.

Yevhen Lemeshko, 85, Ukrainian football coach.[19]

Abderrahmane Meziani, Algerian footballer (USM Alger).

Willis Pyle, 101, American animator (Pinocchio, Bambi, Mr. Magoo).

Brian Reidy, 77, New Zealand rugby league player (Auckland, national team).

Freddie Wadling, 64, Swedish singer and songwriter.

June 3

Muhammad Ali, 74, American boxer, Olympic gold medalist (1960), three-time WBC world heavyweight champion (1964, 1974, 1978), septic shock.

Balu Anand, 61, Indian actor, heart attack.

Szabolcs Baranyi, 72, Hungarian tennis player.

Henry Childs, 65, American football player (New Orleans Saints), heart attack.

Mac Cocker, 74, English-born Australian radio presenter (2JJ, 105.7 ABC Darwin).

Murray Murrell, 93, Australian football player (Collingwood).

Luis Salom, 24, Spanish motorcycle racer, race collision.

Dave Swarbrick, 75, British folk musician and singer-songwriter (Fairport Convention), emphysema.

June 4

Gil Bartosh, 86, American football player and coach.

Phyllis Curtin, 94, American soprano.

Sulabha Deshpande, 79, Indian actress.

Nicky Jennings, 70, English footballer (Portsmouth, Exeter City).

Erich Linemayr, 83, Austrian football referee.

Carmen Pereira, 79, Bissau-Guinean politician, acting President (1984).

Alan Rathbone, 57, English rugby league player (Bradford, Warrington).

Bill Richmond, 94, American screenwriter and producer (The Carol Burnett Show, The Nutty Professor, Three's Company).

William Wright, 85, American author.

June 5

Loretta Abbott, 83, American dancer and choreographer.

Aleksei Zharkov, 68, Russian actor, liver disease.

June 6

Rhoda Blumberg, 98, American author.

Theresa Poh Lin Chan, 72, Singaporean writer and actress, lung cancer.

Harry Gregory, 72, English footballer.

June 7

Johnny Brooks, 84, English footballer (Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Brentford).

Tanju Gürsu, 77, Turkish actor and film director.

Leonard Hill, 68, American television executive and writer, property developer.

Stephen Keshi, 54, Nigerian football player (Anderlecht, Strasbourg) and manager (national team), heart attack.

Elayne Rapping, 77, American writer, breast cancer.

Sean Rooks, 46, American basketball player (Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Lakers).

Bryan Wiedmeier, 56, American sports executive (Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, NFL Management Council), brain cancer.

June 8

Pierre Aubert, 89, Swiss politician, President (1983, 1987).

Sascha Lewandowski, 44, German football manager (Bayer Leverkusen, Union Berlin).

Marina Malfatti, 83, Italian actress (The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, Black Killer).

June 9

Hamza Ali, 20, English cricketer (Hampshire), drowning.

E. Edward Jones, 85, American minister and civil rights activist.

James Lewis, 85, American politician, member of the Indiana Senate (1974–1978, 1986–2010) and House of Representatives (1970–1972).

Brooks Thompson, 45, American basketball player (Orlando Magic) and coach (UTSA Roadrunners), multiple organ failure.

June 10

Shuaibu Amodu, 58, Nigerian football coach (Nigeria national football team).

Christina Grimmie, 22, American singer-songwriter (Find Me) and talent show participant (The Voice), shot.

Habib, 63, Iranian singer, heart attack.

Margaret Vinci Heldt, 98, American hairstylist, creator of the beehive hairstyle.

John Horgan, 66, Irish hurler (Cork).

Gordie Howe, 88, Canadian Hall of Fame ice hockey player (Detroit Red Wings, Hartford Whalers), four-time Stanley Cup winner.

Mimmo Palmara, 87, Italian actor (A Long Ride from Hell, Hercules and the Conquest of Atlantis, Hercules Unchained).

June 11

Stacey Castor, 48, American convicted murderer.

Inder Malhotra, 86, Indian journalist (The Guardian), editor (The Statesman, The Times of India) and columnist (The Indian Express).

Andy Page, 32, Australian bodybuilder.

Trudi Roth, 86, Swiss actress.

June 12

Abdullah Ahmad, 79, Malaysian newspaper editor (New Straits Times), journalist and politician, cancer.

Michelle Cliff, 69, Jamaican-born American writer, liver failure.

Gordon Connell, 93, American actor.

Earl Faison, 77, American football player (San Diego Chargers).

Curley Johnson, 80, American football player (New York Jets), Super Bowl winner (1969).

Achyut Lahkar, 85, Indian actor and playwright.

Tom Leppard, 80, British tattooed man.

Omar Mateen, 29, American mass murderer (2016 Orlando nightclub shooting), shot.

Fabrizio Pirovano, 56, Italian motorcycle road racer.

Adrian Posse, 67, Argentine composer, producer, and industry executive.

George Voinovich, 79, American politician, Senator from Ohio (1999–2011), Governor of Ohio (1991–1998), Mayor of Cleveland (1980–1989).

Janet Waldo, 96, American actress and voice artist (The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Wacky Races).

Chris Warren, 49, American musician (WWF).

June 13

Anahid Ajemian, 92, American violinist.

Uriah Asante, 24, Ghanaian footballer (Hearts of Oak), heart attack.

Fred Caruso, 41, American writer and director (The Big Gay Musical), suicide.

Randy Jones, 72, British-born American jazz musician (Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck, Maynard Ferguson).

June 14

Lidia Biondi (it), 75, Italian actress (Eat Pray Love, Casanova, Rome).

Anatol Dumitraș, 60, Moldovan singer, cancer.

Melvin Dwork, 94, American interior designer and gay rights activist.

Ronnie Claire Edwards, 83, American actress (The Waltons, The Dead Pool, Designing Women).

Samantha Edwards, 37, American beauty pageant contestant, Miss North Dakota USA (2003).

Anatoli Grishin, 76, Russian sprint canoeist, Olympic champion (1964).

Ann Morgan Guilbert, 87, American actress (The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Nanny, Grumpier Old Men), cancer.

OJB Jezreel, 49, Nigerian singer and record producer.

Samuel Mumbengegwi, 73, Zimbabwean politician.

Ken Orr, 77, American software engineer.

Irma Roy, 84, Argentine actress and politician, national deputy (1995–2005).

Yumi Shirakawa, 79, Japanese actress (Rodan, The Mysterians, The H-Man).

June 15

Nicholas Clinch, 85, American mountain climber, cancer.

Claude Confortès, 88, French actor (War of the Buttons).

Lois Duncan, 82, American writer (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Hotel for Dogs, Who Killed My Daughter?).

Richard O. Linke, 98, American talent manager and producer (Andy Griffith).

Peter Pastorelli, 76, American production and location manager (American Psycho, Midnight Run, Presumed Innocent).

June 16

Bill Berkson, 76, American poet and art critic, heart attack.

Peter Corrigan, 80, Welsh sports journalist (The Daily Mail, The Sun), esophageal cancer.

Manimala Devi, 84, Indian actress (Kaa).

Wayne Dowd, 74, American politician, member of the Arkansas Senate (1978–2000), cancer.

Jimmy England, 67, American basketball player (University of Tennessee), multiple myeloma.

Luděk Macela, 65, Czech footballer, Olympic gold medalist (1980).

Irving Moskowitz, 88, American businessman and philanthropist.

Anil Saxena, 65, Indian actor.

Jerome Teasley, 67, American drummer.

Charles Thompson, 98, American pianist.

June 17

Rubén Aguirre, 82, Mexican actor (El Chavo del Ocho, El Chapulín Colorado, Chespirito), pneumonia.

Attrell Cordes, 46, American rhythm and blues singer (P.M. Dawn), renal disease.

Peter Feuchtwanger, 85, German-born British pianist, composer and piano teacher.

Bud Gregory, 90, Canadian politician.

Mary Ann King, 82, American television host (Romper Room).

Sam Beaver King, 90, Jamaican-born British political activist, Mayor of Southwark (1983), co-founder of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Reidar Kvaal, 100, Norwegian WWII military officer.

Ron Lester, 45, American actor (Varsity Blues, Popular, Good Burger), liver and kidney failure.

Dennis Opatrny, 77, American journalist (San Francisco Examiner), cancer.

Loretto Petrucci, 86, Italian racing cyclist.

Tenor Fly, English rapper and ragga vocalist.

June 18

Mircea Chiorean (ro), 83, Romanian physician and university professor, co-founder of SMURD.

Nae Cosmescu (ro), 75, Romanian theatre and television director.

Paul Cox, 76, Dutch-born Australian film director (My First Wife, A Woman's Tale, Exile), liver cancer.

Susana Duijm, 79, Venezuelan beauty queen, Miss World winner (1955).

Alejandro Jano Fuentes, 45, American singer (La Voz... México), shot.

Graham Gibbons, 96, Bermudian businessman and politician, Mayor of Hamilton, Bermuda (1972–1988).

Bill Ham, 79, American band manager (ZZ Top).

Jim Harrison, 80, American writer and artist, heart attack.

Sverre Kjelsberg, 69, Norwegian musician (The Pussycats).

William J. Livsey, 85, American army general.

Vittorio Merloni, 83, Italian entrepreneur and industrialist, founder of Indesit Company.

Lateef Titilope, Nigerian actor, stomach ulcer.

June 19

Ho Fan, 84, Chinese photographer, film director and actor, pneumonia.

David Johnson, 83, Australian-born American business executive (Campbell Soup Company).

Randolph Vigne, 87, South African political activist.

Bob Williamson, 67, British songwriter and comedian.

Anton Yelchin, 27, Soviet-born American actor (Star Trek, Alpha Dog, Fright Night), blunt traumatic asphyxia.

June 20

Ann Atwater, 80, American civil rights activist.

Fiqre Crockwell, 30, Bermudian cricket player, shot.

Eamonn Dolan, 48, Irish football player and coach, cancer.

Benoîte Groult, 96, French journalist, writer and feminist activist.

Goro Hasegawa (ja), 83, Japanese game inventor (Othello).

William Craig Rice, 61, American academic.

James Victor, 76, American actor (Zorro).

June 21

Guda Anjaiah, 60, Indian poet, singer and lyricist.

Robin Cooper, 76, New Zealand Māori health and education leader.

Karl Dallas, 85, British journalist, author and campaigner, cancer.

Dan Daniel, 82, American radio personality (WMCA, WYNY, WCBS).

Bryan Edwards, 85, British footballer (Bolton Wanderers).

Jack Fuller, 69, American journalist and publisher (Tribune Publishing), cancer.

Wayne Jackson, 74, American musician (The Mar-Keys, The Memphis Horns), heart failure.

Pierre Lalonde, 75, Canadian singer and television host.

Yamura López, 22, Nicaraguan beauty queen, Miss World Nicaragua, astrocytoma.

Kenworth Moffett, 81, American art curator (Boston Museum of Fine Arts), museum director (Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale) and writer.

Freddy Powers, 84, American musician, Parkinson's disease.

Ellen Soeteber, 66, American newspaper editor (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), infection.

June 22

John William Ashe, 61, Antiguan diplomat, President of the United Nations General Assembly (2013–2014), heart attack.

Vasily Bochkaryov, 67, Russian politician.

Jim Boyd, 60, American singer-songwriter.

Leo Brennan, 90, Irish musician, founder of Leo's Tavern.

Marc Allan Feldman, 56, American politician.

Steve French, 56, American gospel singer (Kingdom Heirs).

Mike Hart, 72, British singer-songwriter.

David J. Hickson, 85, British organisational theorist.

Andrzej Kondratiuk, 79, Polish film director (Hydrozagadka), screenwriter, actor and cinematographer.

Yaşar Nuri Öztürk, 71, Turkish theologian and politician.

Hassan Rabeh, 25, Palestinian dancer, suicide by jumping.

June 23

Michael Herr, 76, American author (Dispatches) and screenwriter (Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now).

Shirley Fenton Huie, 91, Australian author.

Jin Yaqin, 91, Chinese actress (You and Me), cancer.

Shelley Moore, 84, British-born American jazz singer.

Peter Morley, 91, German-born British filmmaker.

Stuart Nisbet, 82, American actor (Casino, In the Heat of the Night, Bewitched).

Ralph Stanley, 89, American bluegrass musician (The Stanley Brothers), Grammy winner (2002), skin cancer.

June 24

Charles Chaynes, 90, French composer.

Tony Feher, 60, American sculptor, liver cancer.

James Lee, 36, American football player (Green Bay Packers), complications from diabetes.

Oscar Obert, 85, American handball player.

Bernie Worrell, 72, American musician (Parliament-Funkadelic), lung cancer.

June 25

Raymond Bateman, 88, American politician, New Jersey state senator (1968–1978).

Nicole Courcel, 84, French actress (Rendezvous in July, Sundays and Cybele).

Bill Cunningham, 87, American fashion photographer (The New York Times).

Maurice G. Dantec, 57, French science fiction writer and musician.[402]

Manfred Deix (de), 67, Austrian caricaturist, cartoonist, and graphic designer.

Silvia Fenz (de), 75, Austrian actress.

Giuseppe Ferrara, 83, Italian film director (The Moro Affair, One Hundred Days in Palermo, Giovanni Falcone).

Jim Hickman, 79, American baseball player (New York Mets, Chicago Cubs).

Peter Hutton, 71, American film director, cancer.

Ben Patterson, 82, American artist and musician.

Elliot Wolff, 61, American songwriter and music producer.

June 26

Austin Clarke, 81, Canadian novelist (The Polished Hoe).

Kristiina Elstelä, 73, Finnish actress.

Barbara Goldsmith, 85, American author, heart failure.

Samuel L. Green Jr., 89, American pastor and bishop (Church of God in Christ).

Donna Kelley, 66, American news anchor and journalist (KARN).

Kim Sung-min, 43, South Korean actor (Miss Mermaid), suicide by hanging.

Kavalam Narayana Panicker, 88, Indian dramatist, theatre director and poet.

Mike Pedicin, 98, American jazz bandleader.

John J. Santucci, 85, American lawyer and politician, New York state senator (1968–1976).

William C. Waterhouse, 74, American mathematician.

Rostislav Yankovsky, 86, Belarusian film and stage actor, People's Artist of the USSR (1978).

June 27

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, 83, Danish composer, cancer.

Harry Halbreich, 85, Belgian musicologist.

David Heath, 85, American photographer.

Simon Ramo, 103, American engineer, businessman and author.

Mack Rice, 82, American songwriter ("Mustang Sally", "Respect Yourself") and singer, complications of Alzheimer's disease.

Bud Spencer, 86, Italian actor (They Call Me Trinity, Watch Out, We're Mad!, Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure) and swimmer.

Amar Suloev, 40, Armenian mixed martial artist, stomach cancer.

Silvia Tennenbaum (de), 88, American author.

Alvin Toffler, 87, American writer and futurist (Future Shock, The Third Wave).

Hassan Younes, 73, Syrian actor.

June 28

Leland Bardwell, 94, Irish poet, novelist and playwright.

Xerxes Desai, 79, Indian executive (Titan).

Theo Dilissen, 62, Belgian basketball player and businessman.

Allan Greenshields, 90, Australian football player (Carlton, St Kilda).

André Guelfi, 97, French racing driver (Formula One).

Darell Koons, 91, American painter.

Scotty Moore, 84, American guitarist (Elvis Presley).

Fabiane Niclotti, 31, Brazilian model, Miss Universo Brasil 2004.

Zurlon Tipton, 26, American football player (Indianapolis Colts), shot.

June 29

Elechi Amadi, 82, Nigerian writer.

Margaret Bakkes, 84, South African author.

Irving Gottesman, 85, American psychologist.

Carl Haas, 86, American car racing team owner.

Jan Hettema, 82, South African cyclist and rally driver, shot.

Rolando Howell, 34, American basketball player (University of South Carolina, Pallacanestro Varese, Unicaja).

Ojo Maduekwe, 71, Nigerian politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007–2010).

Christine Picavet, 65, French-born American artist, cancer.

Veena Sahasrabuddhe, 67, Indian singer and composer.

Vasyl Slipak, 41, Ukrainian opera singer, shot.

K. G. Subramanyan, 92, Indian artist.

Rob Wasserman, 64, American musician (David Grisman Quintet, RatDog, Lou Reed), cancer.

Xu Jiatun, 100, Chinese politician and dissident, Governor of Jiangsu (1977–1979).

June 30

Franz Cibulka, 69, Austrian composer.

Don Friedman, 81, American jazz pianist.

Gian Corrado Gross, 74, Italian swimmer.

Juan Habichuela, 83, Spanish flamenco guitarist.

Sir Geoffrey Hill, 84, British poet.

Gordon Murray, 95, British puppeteer and television producer (Trumpton, Camberwick Green, Chigley).

Joe Scott, 90, American football player (New York Giants). your social media marketing partner