There is no doubt that Naeto C is full of life. The Kini Big Deal exponent is hyperactive on stage and he makes sure he carries his fans along each time he performs in an event. His hyperactive nature, however, went awry while he was performing at a show in Lagos recently. To cap it, music lovers are responding positively to his latest single, Ten Over Ten and Naeto C apparently enjoys seeing his fans sing and dance along to his vibes. While doing the Ten Over Ten, Naeto C started jumping from one table to the other at the expense of the drinks, cups and cutleries therein. He would do that for a few minutes until he would jump to another table. In the process of jumping up and down, a table broke into two. The singer ignored the incident and continued with his performance. With each leg on the each half of the table, Naeto C continued with his performance. The youths in the crowd admired this and danced along with him, and we observed that the older generation at the show didn’t find the act funny at all. your social media marketing partner