I did a report that actress Nkiru Sylvanus was in a hot hot affair with the above mentioned person and right after the report came out,i got word that the unknown musician was very happy and extended his 'thanks' to whoever (me)wrote the report. Lo and behold the loverboy went to punch newspapers and granted an interview debunking that he was in any relationship with the actress after he had circulated picture of himself and the story of their relationship to me. Word has it that he is about to release a single Cd and needed the pulbicity to get tongues wagging!!...imagine! Actress Nkiru had made her stand on this topic known and is angry that asha is using her to name to lie up the ladder,these are her words ''"I don't need to denounce anything all I need is write up stating it is a misinformation.Am a woman of God,i have given my life to Christ and I preach in churches, I have a lot of people looking up to me, I watch my social life so I don't lead a lot of younger ones astray". According to sources close to the failed singer''he is launching a musical career and decided to use Nkirus name as a ladder without respecting how she would feel.he was glad dropping off the info to Encomium magazine via Stella and then cooling it off in Punch and hes is not sorry about it.he is running his mouth all over the place while Nkiru is really upset that he did this.the pic of him and nkiru could only have come from him cos only two of them had that picture via blackberry. My sincere apology to the actress for helping the failed musician create the noise he wanted to sell his about to be dropped cd. The exclusive titled Actress NKIRU SYLVANUS In Sizzling Romance With Musician Asha! is a setup story to climb up the success ladder,please disregard it Shame on Asha(wo)Gangali! More on this Man who dumped his American based wife bunmi and daughter and is hiding out in Nigeria spreading love tales about himself and Actress Nkiru Sylvanus. Spread More tales man,spread! More update soon.
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