It’s a baby girl for singer 9ice and his Abuja-based partner Bukky! Although the pair would prefer to keep it hush hush, we can reliably tell you that they are taking their relationship a step further with the arrival, early last week, of their first baby together. Sources close to 9ice tell us the singer -who’s separated from his wife Toni Payne – has been a regular visitor to Abuja, since Bukky – a fair-complexioned older woman – took in last year. The relationship has never been public, even though those close to the singer are well aware they’re seriously dating. We cannot tell for now, if the pair is planning to get married; especially as 9ice and Payne are still legally married. Multiple sources tell us this lady is the reason the singer has been a regular visitor to Abuja; and that his ex Toni Payne is – unhappily- aware of the relationship. ‘In fact almost all the ladies close to him know of her. She herself even went out of her way to contact them‘, our source offers. Sources say Bukky’s baby, a girl, was delivered on Monday March 21. The baby is 9ice’s second. His first son named Zion was delivered on Thursday December 4, 2008, at Presbytarian Hospital, Southern California, United States of America. I can tell you for sure that 9ice has gotten the girl pregnant, and she has put to bed. Toni knows. But even her is keeping quiet but it’ll be a source of embarrassment for her‘, one of 9ice’s close friends tells us. He does not want to be named. I can’t tell if he’ll marry her or not. But she’s very close to him and I believe they’re serious‘. He disclosed. 9ice’s manager Dehinde Fajana through a telephone conversation, Fajana claimed that he is ignorant of the situation and questioned the existence of his boss’ Abuja partner. ‘Is there any partner there? Does 9ice have any partner in Abuja? I’m sorry, I don’t know’ Fajana responded. 9ice did not immediately respond to our enquiries. your social media marketing partner