Despite the fact that delectable actress, Clarion Chukwurah has since returned to her ex-hubby, Femi Egyptians, she still loves telling whoever cares to listen about what transpired with Sir Shina Peters the juju musician. “Shina still remains my first love,” she exploded. And on the separation saga, she said, “I wouldn’t say the industry stole Shina from me. He was already deep into in the industry when I met him but today, Shina Peters remains my first love and we are still very good friends. “We talk, crack jokes together, abuse each other playfully and so on. But all the fights that happened between us are in the past. Right now I have a very wonderful and caring man in my life. A man who has accepted me for who and what I am.” However, Clarion Chukwurah equally talked about her pet project, Helpline Initiative, which she said will eventually metamorphose into the Clarion Chukwurah Foundation for the less privileged children and youths, especially the physically and mentally challenged and the abused ones. “A lot of people in this country have so many sad stories to tell and we have a huge responsibility to help them,” she said. “I started running this project with money from my pocket and I’m still doing that till date. In the few months we’ve operated, we have worked with the Arrows of God Orphanage Home, Olusoye Compensatory Centre for children and youths with learning disability, Juvenile welfare centre, Heritage Orphanage homes, Modupe Home for the mentally and physically challenged, Compassionate Outreach and also homes outside Lagos, Kogi and Kwara States amongst others. “So far so good. The aims and objectives of the foundation are to let people know where these homes are, what they are going through so that they can go personally and directly to help them and also to get the Federal Government to pass an annual grant bill and make state government to pass same bill and compel them to incorporate children into the Ministry of Women Affairs so as to assist them. “My appreciation goes to people like Chief Mrs. Christiana Essien-Igbokwe, Funmi Tejuosho, the Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Abike Dabiri, Chief Mrs. Adunni Bankole and host of others on their unrelenting effort in the project,” she said. your social media marketing partner