Eva Alordiah is one of the few female rappers in the Nigerian entertainment industry whose amazing talent is undisputed. The 26-year-old entertainer, who recently professed her love for American rapper, Eminem revealed in an interview on a television show, 'Amazons' on AIT, how enterprising she was, right from childhood. After the release of her debut '1960' album, which got her a deal with an international song writing company in the UK, Eva began to smile to the bank. Speaking on the show, the rapper disclosed that when she was in school, she used to sell second-band clothing materials at the popular Yaba market in Lagos. "I am very spontaneous and I grew up with boys. I never had Barbie dolls and I played soccer. Going into music, it was a mixture of girly chick and a tom boy and I don’t see myself as a diva, Eva ssaid. The rapper presently owns a make-up outfit and recently revealed that she is not signed into any record label at the moment. Eva encouraged women who want to be like her to stand up and work hard. "Everyday is a gift. You just have to shut your ears to the bad things, listen to the good ones and move on," she also said on the programme.
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