Singer turned columnist, Etcetera, has been in the news lately, especially with his articles that tend to lash out at his colleagues in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Since he started his write ups, published by one of the reputable dailies in Nigeria, Etcetera has lambasted many celebs in the country and he has also received a dose of such too from either those he has slammed or their associates. He recently attacked Nollywood stars; Halima Abubakar and Tonto Dikeh, accusing them of using terrestrial powers to attain fame. According to Etcetera, through his website, he explained that he got to find out that the reasons why the acting duo of Halima and Tonto Dikeh are no longer close like before. He alleged that the duo had a bad working relationship with a juju priest. “It is said that Halimah, took Tonto to sample the powers of her juju priest who got encharmed by her looks and preferred working for her instead of his usual customer, Halima. Halima could not stand the fact that she got sidelined by her own juju priest and asked Tonto to stay the hell away from her for good,” Etcetera wrote on his platform. The singer further alleged that Tonto decided to draw tattoos on her body to cover up the incisions from the native doctor. your social media marketing partner