One could describe him as a veteran in the industry and he could also be described as an hard face actor who hardly smiles but the beauty behind his job is that Nobert Young, is a highly respected actor who has been able to stand out along with his family. Though, from a family of talented acts, the Nollywood actor recently explained that his long absence from home videos is as a result of some actors not having enough training to standout in their craft. “I have stayed away from home videos because I believe most of the actors do not have enough training. When I say such things, people do not understand what I am saying and they tag me as an ‘I too know,” he told Punch. Nobert further noted that most of the new generation actors were very shallow and do not understand what characterisation is all about which what makes one an actor. Speaking about his wife’s romantic roles with men in movies, the actor noted that he is never bothered about how she plays it knowing that it is professionally done and the man will only kiss but cannot take his wife away. In his words, “I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel jealous. It is a play and professionally, we simulate things. There are camera movements to make things real. Even if it is real, so what? Would the man take her away from me after acting? I don’t feel anything.” your social media marketing partner