Known as the Samba Queen, veteran singer, Stella Monye, is not the regular making headline celebrity but when her name appears, she is sure passing a strong message across. The singer who has been diagnose with diabetes and struggling to maintain a balanced health, has called on artistes not to take sides with politicians all in the name of money. “People should not just focus on their own interests that ‘well, we have been paid, why should we care’. Musicians should be on the side of the people not politicians. Those who take sides with politicians are taking the wrong approach and it is wrong,” she told Sun newspaper. It would be observed that during the campaign train of most of the political parties in Nigeria, some celebrities were seen canvassing support for their various choice of leader which also helped in adding value to the victory of many. Being part of those who made the campaign train in Delta state, the singer stressed that it is important that the same set of celebs that canvassed for an electorate should be the same set of people to mobilize the masses to canvass about them not fulfilling their promises if they fail. your social media marketing partner