Social media has been a platform where people converge to relate and share ideas. In some cases, if not many, micro-blogging websites like Facebook and Twitter, have reunited lost friends, family members and relations. Nowadays, social media platforms have become tools for PR, marketing, showing off by celebrities and many others. Social media has also become a place where people hide under to bully others and celebs are not spared in this. Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, recently shared a picture of hers with her daughter, Michelle, and asked who looked better in the picture. While receiving good commendations, the actress got more than she bargained for from a follower of hers, who said Mercy Aigbe should be talking about the affair herself and her daughter must have had. The follower with the handle, Daimondbee12 said, I bet you, your little one is having an s3x in her tender age. Please next post should be comparing the number of sexual partners you either have had or shared so people can comment. This comment got the actress angry and she told the fan to “feel free to go jump into the lagoon.” The fan further lambasted Mercy Aigbe saying “Your job as a mother is to protect her and not expose her to the filthy world. The fact you post stupid things I have the right to comment good or bad, deal with it mate.” But the actress replied describing the fan as an “attention seeker, coward and a fool.” your social media marketing partner