Professor Akinwunmi Ishola’s screenplay, Saworoide, which was released in 1998 from the stable of Mainframe Productions, was an instant success that made stars out of artistes who featured in it. Such actors include the first son of the late Ade Afolayan, (popularly called Ade love), Kunle producer of Figurine, and pretty Kabirat Fabidipe. The duo had the role of a memorable couple whose dance skills brought them together. They become lovers and their adventurous affair brought sanity to the political chaos ravaging the land. The roles they played, Aresejabata (one who dances to spoil her shoe), and Araparegangan( one with skillful drumming arms), reflect the Yoruba cultural practice of giving names to portray a talent. My growing up I grew up in Abeokuta. I attended Benedict Nursery and Primary School in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Although I was not acting from my primary school days, but my involvement in extra-curriculum activities such as inter-school debates, cultural dance and other entertainment activities. It prepared me for acting such that when the opportunity came, I did not find it difficult. Pranks I played as a kid Growing up was fantastic. It was also interesting. It is memorable because I played some pranks that were rather funny. They made those times interesting. One of them was to cry whenever I needed things that I know might not be given to me easily. Such things like writing materials, pocket money and others. I cried for them when I was very young. I attended Abeokuta Grammar School. Later, I studied Mass Communication at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Challenges and fulfillment Saworoide gave me the greatest challenge and fulfillment. This is because it was my first performance. It eventually brought me into limelight. I have taken part in about 14 movies now. Saworoide was really challenging because I had to go through rigorous rehearsals and it had been a big movie that s. Then, I thought I was just doing the normal secondary school acting, I never realized that it was a big project until when the movie was released. My recent involvement is in Kolofin and Malaika movies that are yet to be released. Nollywood The Nigerian film industry has great potentials, we are trying our best. I want to encourage everyone to keep the flag flying. My man I hope to get married soon. My kind of man is the one that takes his time to study me and understand me. He should love me and be ready to take care of me. How I cope with my admirers They are my fans. I can say I am lucky because men don’t ask me out but only express their admiration for my performance. I have never been sexually harassed. My role in Saworoide My idea of the role is just that of a little princess doing what she naturally feels like doing. A young one being used as an instrument of change. A change that brings sanity to the political chaos in the society. It goes to recommend that the youths of this country have a duty to sanitize the corrupt system. Playing a jealous girl in Arugba That was also a challenging role. I have not played such a role before. It was quite fulfilling playing it and I really appreciate the fact that it has made me realize that I could play any role. your social media marketing partner