Versatile Nollywood actress, producer and scriptwriter, Uche Jombo, has denied having problems with her Ghanaian counterparts. Sometime last year, a rivalry controversy ensued between the Ghanaian movie industry and Nollywood due to a statement by authorities of the former that any Nigerian film maker or actor coming to work in that country must pay a fee. The statement actually sparked off controversies with the stakeholders in Nollywood giving similar prerequisite for Ghanaian thespians working in Nigeria. But Uche Jombo has denied knowledge of the development. According to her, she has been working in Ghana without anybody asking her for a fee and the Ghanaians that participated in her own production in Nigeria didn’t pay a dime as well. “I’m not aware of that, my brother. I have been working in Ghana and nobody asked me for a dime. Besides, Jackie Appiah participated in one of my productions and didn’t pay anybody, so there is no problem,” Jombo said. Meanwhile, the Globacom ambassador is currently on location with other popular actors for a production entitled Damage. Produced by Jombo, the movie addresses the influence of the environment on kids’ lives. According to her, “I wanted to make it into home video first, but one or two things came up, so I decided to go on tour with it. It is a story of family violence and how the environment impacts the lives of kids. “The idea basically was to celebrate Nigerians doing well in the diaspora, trying to encourage young people. It is a kind of film that I would always want to watch because it informs, educates and entertains.” your social media marketing partner