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Earlier in June, Afrinolly opened a call to film makers to pitch for the Cinema4Change films. Films which were a product of a screen writers workshop held in April where over 20 top notch screen writers in Nigeria were expose to research works that would guide in the development of screenplays that would not only highlight social change issues but would also entertain and educate the public. After five days of pitch sessions for the over 150 film makers who applied and pruning by the panel of Judges; Tunde Kelani, Femi Odugbemi and Jane Maduegbuna, Afrinolly is excited to announce the selected film makers who would directing the first set of Cinema4Change short films. Over the next few months these film makers will be developing these socially relevant films. Below is the list of selected film makers with corresponding film: Tolu Fagbure – My Brother's Keeper Ishaya Bako – Henna Jay-Franklyn Jituboh – Once Soji Ogunaike – The Dutiful Wife Victor Sanchez Aghahowa – The Road Chioma Onyenwe – The Scheme of Things Chineze Anyaene – The Space Between Ejiro Onobrakpor – Timothy In Partnership with Ford Foundation, Afrinolly Cinema4Change project seeks to use the power of film to help build a dramatic structure that helps people not only see the person or issues that a film can address, but see themselves in that story. Afrinolly believes that partnering with non–profits, public sector organizations and corporations can create films that are artistically compelling and socially significant.
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