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A cinematographer, Paul Achebe has come to pour out is mind on how Nigerian filmmakers and producers take the work of a cinematographer with levity. The cinematographer told News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos how important a cinematographer is in the production of a movie. He explained that professionals are needed to work alongside the producers to build the exact character that was scripted; “our job is to manage personnel and build the exact character that was scripted but when you don’t have this professionals on set, your characters might not play roles as scripted.” Paul further expressed that Nollywood is about financial gratification as movie-makers produces films on a daily basis without bordering on the number of people that will watch the movies produced in the nearest future. “Nollywood floods the movie market on a daily basis, but the movie-makers are not concerned about the qualities of movies they push out. They are only about financial gratification and this might affect the number of persons who will purchase our movies in the near future.” He advised that producers should involve professionals to create movies that will stand the test of time and a film village should be available to compel professionalism and standardization as well as to boost the qualities of products that would be coming from the sector.
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