Hallo my lovely readers! Did you miss Miss Joy? This is just a quick stop. I really do know where my bread is buttered. When I wrote about my role models movie I sing of Well, I got so many insults that I am praising her too much. Well, in-spite of all the many times people have tried to unsettle Miss Leila Djansi she keeps bouncing back. She is really trying to put Africa on the map, trying and every time someone tries to punch a hole in her work. But, even if people try to damage her reputation or even steal her work, force too many things on her, her work will defend her and will cause her to stand tall. Leila Djansi's creation I sing of a well has made Ghana extremely proud. 11 African Movie Academy Award Nominations. I tried to get a comment from Leila but she declined to comment but then she expressed her appreciation to the AMAA for acknowledging I sing of a Well. She also said her Publicist will release a statement if necessary. My personal message to Leila, you may have said you are giving the film to Akofa, but this movie will stick to you like a glue. Akofa could not have made it without you. Forget the controversies and glory in your achievement. I sing of a Well remains your creative work, signed by your signature. Writer/Director/Executive Producer/Music score performer... Go girl, the sky is your limit. You are and always will be my role model! I can never forget Shirley Frimpong Manso who also received record nominations for Perfect Picture and A sting in a Tale. You women are virtuous. Whether they win or not, a nomination is as good as winning. Here you go with an article from Ameyawdebra.com. Stakeholders of the African movie industry were on tenterhooks last night, March 6, as all attention shifted to Accra, Ghana for the announcement of nominees for the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). The glitzy nominations party brought together some of the crème in the industry from all over Africa to celebrate the growth of African movies in the past year and to observe which movies, actors and technical players were deemed fit by the Academy for laurels this year. Among the tall list of stars that passed through the night were, Majid Michel, Adjetey Anang, Osita Iheme, Akintola Abimbola Mary-Anne, Amijo Mofe Richard, Ali Nuhu, Rita Dominic, Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson and several others. View Photos The night commenced with a Red Carpet hosted by the MCs for the event, Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze and broadcaster/presenter Kat. After the elaborate red carpet affair that saw magnificent interviews, photography and fashion, it was time for the main event which was interspersed with speeches and solidarity messages from the likes of Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Trade and Industry as well as a representative of the Governor of Bayelsa State. There were also musical performances by Ben Brako, Shariffa Gunu, Edge and J Martins,as well as a fashion show by Exotique Modeling Agency. The first batch of nominees announced raised some concerns for the Ghanaian audiences when there was no mention of any of the 18 entries from Ghana. However, at the turn of the night Ghana came out tops with 11 nominations for ‘I Sing of a well’, 8 for ‘Perfect Picture’, 3 for ‘A Sting in A tale’ and 5 for ‘Heart of Men’. Nigeria’s ‘Figurine’ also had a strong showing with 9 nominations. The main awards ceremony will be held in Bayelsa State, Nigeria on April 10. Here is the full list of nominees: BEST DOCUMENTARY 1. Wanba Ngoma (Tanzania) 2. Peace Wanted Alive (Kenya) 3. Bariga Boys(Nigeria) 4. En quette d’identite (Burkina Faso) 5. Innovating for Africa (Nigeria) BEST SHORT FILM 1. Mahala – (Mozambique) 2. The Abbys Boys –(South Africa) 3. The Painter – (Uganda) 4. Suara La – (Nigeria) 5. The Camera (Nigeria) BEST ANIMATION 1. Hanayns Shoe (Egypt) 2. Adventure of Alayo (Nigeria) 3. Zoodo – (Burkina Faso) 4. Lyrics – (Algeria) 5. One Step of Love (Algeria) BEST FILM BY AN AFRICAN FILMMAKER IN DIASPORA 1. Soul Diaspora 2. Okra Principle 3. China Wahala 4. Crunch BEST FILM IN AFRICAN LANGUAGE 1. Omo Iya Kan – (Nigeria) 2. Aldeweden – (Ethiopia) 3. Togetherness Supreme – (Kenya) 4. Imani – (Uganda) 5. Game of my life – (South Africa) HEART OF AFRICA AWARD FOR BEST FILM FROM NIGERIA 1. Nnenda by Izu Ojukwu 2. Freedom in Chain by Bond Emeruwa and Fred Amata 3. The Child by Izu Ojukwu 4. Figurine by Kunle Afolayan 5. High Blood Pressure by Teco Benson AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN SOUND 1. The Tenant 2. Season of a life 3. Perfect Picture 4. I sing of a well 5. Soul Diaspora AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN EDITING 1. Season of a life 2. The Child 3. Perfect Picture 4. Heart of Men 5. Lilies of the Ghetto AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN ART DIRECTION 1. I sing of a well 2. Fulani 3. The Child 4. Figurine 5. Imani AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN MAKE-UP 1. Heart of Men 2. The Child 3. The King is Mine 4. I sing of a well 5. Fulani AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN COSTUME 1. Perfect Picture 2. Prince’s bride 3. The Child 4. I sing of a well 5. Lilies of the Ghetto AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN VISUAL EFFECT 1. The Child 2. Figurine 3. A sting in a tale 4. Fulani 5. Heart of Men Best ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1. Seasons of a life 2. Imani 3. A sting in a tale 4. The Child 5. Figurine BEST PERFORMANCE BY A CHILD ACTOR 1. Teddy Onyago and Bill Oloo- Togetherness Supreme 2. Tobi Oboli - The Figurine 3. Feyisola Ewulomi – Champions of our Time 4. Treasure Obasi – Champions of our Time 5. Mfanafuthi Magudulela – Game of my life MOST PROMISING ACTRESS 1. Martha Kisaka – Togetherness Supreme 2. Chelsea Eze – Silent Scandal 3. Martha Ankomah – Sins of the Soul 4. Ashionye Michelle Ugboh- Jungle Ride 5. Rahema Nanfuka – Imani MOST PROMISING ACTOR 1. Wilson Maina – Togetherness Supreme (Kenya) 2. Wale Ojo – The Child (Nigeria) 3. John Dumelo – Heart of men (Ghana) 4. Pethro Tumba Mbole – A game of my life (South Africa) 5. Sunny Chikezie – Lilies of the Ghetto (Nigeria) BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE 1. Godwin Kotey- I sing of a well 2. Francis Duru – Nnenda 3. Yemi Blaq – High Blood Pressure 4. Adjatey Anang – The Perfect Picture BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE 1. Doris Sakitey – A sting in a Tale 2. Funlola Aoifeyebi-Raimi – Figurine 3. Tapiwa Gwaza – Seasons of a life 4. Yvonne Nelson – Heart of Men BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE 1. Bimbo Akintola- Freedom in Chains 2. Jackie Apia, Lydia Farson and Naa Ashoku Mensa-Doku – The Perfect Picture 3. Stephanie Okereke- Nnenda 4. Flora Suya – Season of a life 5. Akofa Edjeani Asiedu – I sing of a well BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE 1. Lucky Ejim – The Tenant 2. Majid Michael – Sin of a soul 3. Ramsey Noah – The Figurine 4. Odera Ozoka – Soul Diaspora 5. John Osie Tutu Agyeman – I Sing of a well BEST SCREENPLAY 1. Season of a life 2. The Tenant 3. Freedom In chains 4. Guilty Pleasure 5. I sing of a well AMAA ACHIEVEMENT IN CINEMATOGRAPHY 1. The Perfect Picture 2. Figurine 3. I sing of a well 4. The Child 5. The Tenant BEST PICTURE 1. Seasons of a life (Malawi) 2. The tenant (Nigeria) 3. The Perfect Picture (Ghana) 4. The Figurine (Nigeria) 5. I sing of a well (Ghana) BEST DIRECTOR 1. Shemu Joyah- Seasons of a life 2. Shirley Frimpong-Manso- The Perfect Picture 3. Kunle Afolayan – Figurine 4. Leila Jewel Djansi – I sing of a well
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