In twi, a Ghanaian language, there is a saying that "Nipa ye adia, ose ayeyie" Meaning, a man who has done good works deserves praises. In this case, it would be women who are doing great things deserve praises. Recently we read about Genevieve Nnaji on Oprah and on CNN. Not long after, in the neighboring Ghana, Leila Djansi also had her Sinking Sands movie premiere covered by Reuters Television and the British Broadcasting Network. She spoke to the international networks about why she chose to make movies in Ghana among other things. The BBC interview aired on Saturday the 20th of November at 6am. We will work on bringing you the sound bites soon. Still working on getting the video from Reuters Television which has not aired yet. But the BBC was curious to how she went about making the highest budget movie ever made in Ghana and dared to ask if she would make her money back in Ghana. In this mornings development, Shirley Frimpong Manso also has had her work recognized by the British Broadcasting network. At the BBC world service studios, the 2010 Best African Movie Awards (AMAA) Director in response to questions from BBC talked about her movies like The Perfect Picture, the direction and focus of her movies, the prospects of the African movie industry, a new mother striking the industry with amazing movies, etc. I was going to ask what is happening to the men? why is it only the women of African entertainment doing the great things and bringing us recognition that is not only about war? But on a serious note, please help me say a great big congratulations to these dynamic women for making Africa proud. I hope people like Abdul Salamm, Socrates Safo and other loud mouthed filmmakers are learning from these young women. It is not about ganging up to ban actresses or making cheap shot movies. It is about making dynamic movies that will put Africa in a different spotlight. CONGRATULATIONS!!! your social media marketing partner