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No doubt, Bukky Wright is still one of the sexiest actresses in the movie industry today. Though age is not on her side anymore, she still gives the fresh blood a run for their money. At the sight of her, some men still get aroused and lust at her. Her fair complexioned skin is not only attractive but tempting to an average man. At over 40, with children and still able to remain sexy, many have wondered how Bukky Wright has managed to do that. But speaking in an interview recently, the passionate make-believe guru disclosed that contrary to the believe that she might be on a body therapy to remain charming, she uses the local shea butter called 'ori' in Yorubaland. According to her, "this may sound crazy to a lot of people, no matter which body lotion I use, I don’t joke with my shea butter, which the Yoruba people call 'ori'. I don’t do any body therapy. I don’t go crazy in the name of fashion." So, if you are one of those wondering how Bukky Wright has been able to remain sexy, now you know her secret, it's the power of 'ori', but you can as well add palm kernel oil called 'adiagbon' in Yoruba, to it.
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