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If event of January 31, 2012 at the annual general meeting of Lagos chapter of Actors' Guild of Nigeria is anything to go by, then there might be trouble swimming in the waters of the Actors' body. According to information, the state chairman of the Guild, Emeka rising was reported to have ordered the chasing away of some members the press present at the meeting held in Surulere. Trouble started when Emeka was requested to produce AGN's account, a request we learnt he found offensive to his person. Also was that he ordered the the assistant secretary, Stella Marris Nnaji to take charge of the post of the secretary of the guild formerly held by Lugard Onoyemu. This decision, we learnt was greeted with protests from members of the guild, who pointed out that it was against the guild's constitution. Emeka was also reported to have given nod to the sending away of journalists at the event. It was gathered that the meeting turned to a free for all after then but for the quick intervention of Fiberisima Ibinabo, who managed to calm things down. The car belonging to the guild's PRO, Don Pedro Agabi, was reportedly vandalized by thugs alleged to be from Emeka Rising.
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