Months after the fall of the Actors Guild of Nigeria`s regime under Segun Arinze and the subsequent botched Benin City elections, the dust over the events is yet to settle down. While there is no definite elected or appointed leadership, the AGN`s Board of Trustees has taken over the mantle of power. With the BOT`s Chairman on hospital admission in far away India where he's soliciting for money to undergo the second kidney transplant, its Vice Chairman, Emma Oguagwu now holds sway. The acting chairman disclosed the reasons Segun Arinze was forced to retire. ”Actually Segun`s tenure was over last year. He did the Guild a favour by staying on. His tenure ended November 8th, 2011. We begged him to stay so that we can conduct the elections. This is because we were not able to raise enough money for the elections then. So his exit is not that he has ran away. He has just refused to continue from where he has got to. Right now every member of the BOT is a member of AGN. And the caretaker committee members are BOT members who are members of the AGN. For now we are running the Guild until elections take place in the next one month.” your social media marketing partner