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Africa is a continent where the institution of marriage is held sacred, but recently, the fusion of the Western culture into the African way of life have caused some more harms than good, according to opinions of some people. Nowadays, divorce has eaten deep into the African society and many celebrities, especially those in Nigeria, have made divorce a normal way of life. Several marriages have crashed in the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially in Nollywood. Not too long ago, Nollywood actress, Chika Ike, after getting married at a young age, ended her union with the man she once vowed to love till death. She even celebrated her divorce on her social media page, which infuriated some of her fans and critics. This is not a matter for today. It is no doubt that Chika Ike is known for quality and when she has had the opportunity to go on vacation, she has displayed how classy she can be. Sometimes ago, she posted a picture of herself in an expensive hotel in Dubai, which raised questions about how she makes her money, which according to critics, cannot be from movies she claims to act in. The actress recently travelled again to Dubai, ostensibly for a ‘pre-birthday relaxation’ with her manager, Sarah Donald, whom she describes as her ‘bestie’. Her manager even boasted that they rented a yacht for nights at a whooping sum of $24,000. Pictures from the vacation show both Chika Ike and Sarah having fun together in Dubai. Chika Ike's relationship with Sarah has been under question recently, but some of her associates have claimed they are just friends and not what some people think.
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