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Akwa Ibom’s State finest actor, Moses Armstrong is not a happy man at the moment as he is running from pillar to post to unravel the brains behind several text messages threatening to kidnap him. The talented cross over actor who relocated from Lagos to his home state and has been living large due to his connection with the state Governor; Obong Godswill Akpabio narrated his ordeal to us last week in Uyo. He said that though he is not afraid of those trying to bring him down, he is happy that he has been able to make a lot of people happy including the Governor who calls him his son. This problem started during the rally I organized for my Govemor. What those people do not know is that l used my personal money to organize those rallies, risking my life and career because I believe in what His Excellency is doing. But when it was time for my Governor to appreciate me, some disgruntled artistes who did not know how much I suffered to put those things together have been bombarding me with insults, saying I ate their money given to them by the Governor. Then, came those text messages claiming that l should pay them 50 million naira or they will kidnap me. What have I done to them? I am not afraid because I believe in my God who will not let them see my back,” he said. But it is not all bleak for the actor who has free access into the state’s govemrnent house. In the next few days, he will be taking his new born baby to the church for dedication. The pretty baby born to Armstrong by his sexy actress wife, Senorita, is named Timaro. In case you do not know, Timaro is Armstrong’s second daughter. He has an 11 years old daughter called Sarafina who lives with her mother in the United States of America.
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