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This has been the question in a lot of people’s mouth.Hardly will you listen to any of this controversial actress cum singer’s songs without hearing where she is praising Agu 77. London-based Agu 77 has been linked with a lot of movie actresses,including a half-caste actress who just premiered her 1st movie in Lagos. Also the huge physique actress who has floated a clothing line because of her size.Not to talk of an elderly actress who resides around Egbeda in Lagos.All of them we gathered gets huge sums of money from the man. This,many say may also be the reason Anambra State-born Anita now sings about the man in almost all her songs.Many are of the opinion that the money bag might be the one sponsoring her music,while some said it’s more than that. Though Anita has in almost all her interviews said she is in love with someone but no one knows the identity of the person. Could Agu 77 be the person?
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