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According to confirmed reports getting to the ever busy and filled desk of NigeriaFilms.Com, the year, 2011 would have wrapped itself up in Nollywood with the death of some 22 actors and crew members of a new movie, Blood In The Lagoon. On Monday December 19, the chartered boat gotten by Teco Benson, the veteran Nollywood movie director, was stuck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean near the American Embassy, on Victoria Island, Lagos. The cause of the boat being trapped in the middle of the Ocean was, according to confirmed information at our disposal, due to a shortage of fuel in the boat tank. The boat was carrying Omotola Ekeinde Jolade, Teco Benson and other actors and crew members. According to Teco Benson, while speaking to NigeriaFilms.Com on phone, he said, “the fault didn’t come from us; it was from the boat operators. They ran out of fuel while conveying us back from location.” He said further, “we chartered a very expensive boat, but maybe they never checked the level of their fuel before conveying us with the boat. We were like 22 on that boat. “When the thing happened, we were close to the American Embassy, and there was the fear the security operatives might mistake us as terrorists and want to do anything funny, but nothing of such happened or any harassment. “The boat operators later called for other boats, which came and took us away from the imminent danger. “We stayed like 45mins on water before we were rescued. There was nothing much but for the ladies on the boat who were very fearful and thinking they might die in the Ocean. We thank God that nothing bad happened. “ Teco Benson then jokingly said that, “it was really a funny experience, we were shooting Blood In The Lagoon and I thought the Lagoon wanted our blood in reality.” Since the beginning of this year, Nollywood has recorded many deaths too many. We at NigeriaFilms.Com thank God for saving the lives of those on that boat on Monday, and say a big congratulations to all of them for cheating death. Click the link below to go to... NFC PHOTO OF THE DAY: STAR ACTRESS OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE SHINES ON THE SET OF TECO BENSON’S NEW MOVIE. © 2011 Nigeriafilms.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher
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