Some celebrated entertainers around the world are ready to make a name for themselves no matter the challenges that comes with it. Some make their name through good music, some through scandals which to them means nothing as they are ready to deny it at any given point and some choose to attack one another just to be relevant. Not far fetched, there is a recent trend amongst the American celebrities of Kim Kardashian, her sister Kloerie with top model, Amber Rose and now singer, Kenye West has joined the league of those washing their dirty pants outside after he also granted an interview with an American radio station dissing out on his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose. With these trends in the entertainment industry, Nigerian entertainment industry has not been silent either as some entertainers also attack themselves at every given platform they can. The recent attacks has been between two admired Nollywood actresses, Stella Damasus and Toyin Aimakhu, which has put all media platforms on the watch-out. Sometime last year, actress ,Stella Damasus, allegedly complained that her house in Abuja had been invaded by assassins and she suspected it was because she often criticized the Nigerian Government. Then Toyin Aimakhu from nowhere wrote a overtly confrontational message on twitter which people thought she was targeted at Stella. "Madam, Nigeria is my country. Nobody is killing anyone cos no be only you do video. #Visa Don Expire #Bring Our Son Back #Attention Seeker #Love You Still. - Toyin AImakhu tweeted then. Shockingly, to awaken old wounds, Stella Damasus in her new 2015 video had to reply her colleague saying her visa has not expired and there is no missing son.READ IT HERE "I love you like crazy. But let's look at your hashtags again" she said "You said #VisaDonExpire#, I have been in this country for about two years, and nobody has asked me to leave. "Apart from that, I'm doing a lot of work with the United Nations. If I had a problem with my Visa, I don't think they would be working with me. When it comes to the visa issue, let's be sure of what we are saying. - She said. Speaking on the #BringOurSonBack# hashtag, Stella replied; "Is her son missing?. Does she have a son?. If your son is missing, let us look for him. "You know I know how to do videos as you said. Tell me and I will scream till my lungs burst or something". Stella said. Truly, Toyin sure knows how to act a good script just like ‘Alakada,’ as trending viral response of her shows her asking the actress if her name was mentioned in her shared message or if she was under a spell. your social media marketing partner