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Dakore Egbuson Trying one’s hand in another line of art is not a bad idea. But few of these Nollywood star actresses are born singers. Their interest in music has seen some of them struggling in the trade, which has largely been dominated by men. While many of them cannot distinguish between ‘interest’ and ‘ability’, they tend to believe in their ‘sweet’ voices and forget that exceptional vocal quality and musical talent are the hallmarks of a good singer. A few lines of Acappela will surely separate the wheat from the chaff. Kate Henshaw -Nuttal: The delectable ebony-complexioned actress shocked many people with a gospel musical video a couple of years back. But Kate’s entrance into the music scene was like a flash in the pan. There was nothing to show that she is a better singer than other actresses who are rocking the microphone. From all the indications, Kate may have agreed with the critics that she lacks carriage, courage and drive to realize her dream as a singer. Rating: Nothing to write home about. Dakore Egbuson: The newlywed actress has a voice that would make most established divas go green with envy. She eventually proved her singing prowess with the release of her debut single track titled Don’t Make Me. How better the star actress is lyrically when she is compared to her peers in the trade, has become a hot topic of discussion among her fans and foes. Rating: Good. Genevieve Nnaji: The star actress took everybody by surprise when she dropped her debut album a few years ago. Indeed, No more, one of the tracks in the album, was an instant hit. Besides, the musical video rocked the airwaves. Rating: Fair. Genevieve has a good voice but she is not vocal, lacks attitude and lyrical skills. It is not certain if she would like to sing again. Shan George : She actually had a very elaborate launch for her debut and sophomore albums. But the twice-married Nollywood star actress knows for sure that she does not have what it takes to battle for space in the Nigerian highly competitive music scene. Shan even confessed in one of her interviews that she released the albums just for the people in her village. Rating : Bad singer. Stella Damasus: The pretty screen diva is musically talented with a good voice that has obviously placed her ahead among the singing actresses. Stella belonged to Synergy, the defunct musical band, which was founded by her late husband, Jaiye Aboderin. She had since renamed the band G-factor, with performances in clubs, and cameo appearances in some events. Rating: Good. Stella is a good singer, but we may have to wait for a long time for her debut album. Cossy Orjiakor: Until the boob-famous Cossy dropped two singles, which she never gave the needed hype, no one knew how the cat-voiced actress would sound musically. Cossy has the skill, style and attitude, but her voice is seen as a poor sound-alike of Cyndi Lauper, the famous international American songstress cum wrestler. Rating: Fair singing ability. Patience Ozokwo: When "Mama Gee" as Patience Ozokwo is fondly called, hit the airwaves with the music video of her debut track, a re-mix version of the song of the Ghanaian hip life musical group, VIP, many thought she did it for the fun of it. But the star actress has gone on to release about four albums, which are only popular in the East. Rating: Good voice. But lacks originality, attitude and the other necessary qualities that make a good singer. Elfreda Roland: Elfreda made her debut in the music scene with a musical video of songs, which never had any airplay. This has left many people wondering if music is about displaying boobs and well-shaped body. Rating: Bad singer. Lacks lyrical skills. But one cannot writeoff the aspiring dance-hall queen. Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde: Unlike her other colleagues, Omotola made a grand entry into the music scene with press conferences. One or two shows also ushered in her debut album a couple of years ago. The "Beyonce-wanna be" has the carriage and attitude but Omosexy’s voice and lyrically skills have become a topic of debate among music critics. Her sophomore album is better when compared to her first effort. Rating: Fair as a singer. Good stagecraft. Anita Joseph: The sexy screen siren rode on controversies to fame. In her effort to sustain the tempo of her continuous rise to fame, Anita grabbed the microphone to display her lyrical wit. Unfortunately, only a few copies of her debut singles ended up in the hands of her few fans, friends and family. The musical video of Sexy Boy, one of her singles, won Anita sympathetic applauses from those with no knack for well-composed music. Rating: Not a good singer. Anita’s got the moves, style and attitude but she is not a good singer. Oby Edozieh: The musical video of the sound track of her movie was what the actress used to showcase her singing talent and probably to prove to her colleagues that she could also sing. Oby Gold, as she is also called, has the voice, but her potential as a singer is in doubt. That’s why she did not go far in her music career. Rating: Bad singer.
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