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Nollywood film director Udoka Oyeka, has explained that the reason why most Nigerian movies are not recognized at some prestigious festivals like the Cannes, is because the Nollywood practitioners do not pay attention to details. Udoka noted that the industry overlook a lot of things, such as cinematography, lighting, sound and production values, adding that the industry needs well trained actors to achieve quality production. “There are many elements in filmmaking and we don’t pay enough attention to them. I feel that if you are going to make a film, it should be done properly.” He further pointed out that another challenge facing the make-belief world is poor story line which makes some productions terrible after the whole time spent. “I have a problem with the way the storylines turn out in many of the films produced in our movie industry. Sometimes it is hard to talk about these things because some of these people are your friends. But the reality is that we don’t pay much attention how we want to tell the stories. We don’t pay attention to the plots and other detail.” The young filmmaker, however, thinks that Nigerian filmmakers need to work harder to attract the attention they deserve from foreign investors. © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... My Problem Is From Home And Spiritual Too--Majek Fashek Celebs Flaunt Their Assets Because It Is Necessary—Funky Mallam What Does Your Boyfriend Do for A Living? And Do You Really Know Him? Uche Jombo Shares ‘Almost Perfect’ Location Pictures Flavour Splashes Car On Producer Anambra Governor Appoints Bob Manuel As SSA Wizkid’s Ex-Babe, Tania Omotayo To Give Fans 300k On Air Personality Fade Ogunro, Sizzles In Glam Designers Outfits (Pictured)
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