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He might not be popular in Nigeria, but one thing has kept him different from others which is the movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun,’ which has received wide accolades from both within and beyond but the brain behind the epic movie is United Kingdom, base movie director, Biyi Bandele. Bandele, recently disclosed that making movie in Nigeria is a big challenge because there are no available equipment’s or good crew compared to his base, UK. He stated that another thing he observed in Nigeria is that there are lots of stories to tell but no much story tellers in country. That is why if I wanted an easy life, I would just have to stick to writing plays in the UK. “I was at the very top of my career as a playwright when I decided that I got to do something else and it’s never ever easy. Whatever you are doing in Nigeria is never easy and straightforward. We quite often do things upside down and you find out that doing things upside down is brilliant.” Speaking on why Nollywood has not been able to get to the international standard, the movie director explained that lack of qualified personals and good films school handled by filmmakers are actually the problems the country is facing in terms of production. According to him, “There are Nigerians who are very nationalistic in a very blind and stupid way, who will say ‘of course we have those people’ and you can say that for 10 million years but the fact is that when it comes down to being on the floor making a movie, what you need is not nationalistic platitudes but people who have the craft, experience and knowledge to do the job.” © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Sophia Chikere Floats Perfume Line ‘Sophia’s Secret’ (Pictures) Afro Candy Says She's Been Bewitched! STAR ACTOR REGRETS MARRYING WIFE – ‘You must not tell anybody that I am your husband’ Actress cum Style Icon Genevieve Shine In Escada Outfit Eja Nla To Koko Garri, D’Banj Where is Groundnut? On Air Personality Freeze, Flaunts Wristwatch Collection Entertainment Industry Begins Sacking Of Clients & Signing Of New Talents Nollywood stars embark on ‘No makeup’ contest
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