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Richard Agbakwuru is a Christian movie actor and scriptwriter, who is currently in a pastoral school and hopes to change the way religious movies are viewed in Nigeria. In an interview with Daily Times, the actor highlighted the problems faced by the Christian film industry in Nigeria. He said, "We really need to do something about the level at which Christian movies are accepted, it looks as if people are no longer interested in Christianity. We really need God to intervene, as so many people want and are interested in sexual films. "Another thing that captures people’s minds in movies is the people they see on the posters or film jackets, they will say ‘oh this is not Ramsey Nouah, this not Emeka Ike’ as such, they won’t be interested even if the storyline might be good or not." Richard also disclosed that the Christian actors need to interpret their roles very well, stressing that professionalism is one thing and pasturing another thing. It’s not that because you are a secular artiste so you can’t act in Christian films, it is about interpreting roles well. If you look at it, there is no much difference in pastoring and acting."
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