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Nollywood producer, Chichi Ikpeama, has advised parents to try to create time to discuss and monitor the activities of their children to enable them become better persons in the future. Chichi, while speaking at a Broadcasters’ Forum on Youth Sexuality and Maternal Mortality in Lagos on Wednesday, stated that children tend to practice whatever they hear from their friends who sometimes are exposed than them. She explained that the kind of abuses children now face is because parents are too busy to create time to listen to what the children have to ask and put them through. “Parents need to pay attention to their children and know what they are up to. Pupils talk to themselves and exchange ideas on many issues. The majority of them will go back to clarify and ask their parents, but the latter are so busy that they have little time for them. Peer pressure is real. Some may tell their friends to have sex or abortion because they have done it and nothing happened to them,” she told Punch. Speaking about her new movie titled, ‘Unspoken,’ which explored the impact of youth sexuality and maternal mortality on school children, Chichi says the movie is aimed at creating awareness on the dangers early s3x among young girls. “The film is about young girls having sex early either through early marriages or peer pressure and the medical issues that come after that. We are trying to raise awareness on the dangers and the film focused on research in the northern and southern part of the country,” she said.
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