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There have always been complains about the quality of movies produced in Nigeria and this is because of the short time frame these films are put together. In Hollywood, a film could take up to five years to conclude, but such can rarely happen in Nollywood, as the Nigerian movie industry is fondly called. But one of the stakeholders in the industry, Ideh Chukwuma, fondly called One Soul, who is a movie producer and a director, disclosed that funding is what is affecting the Nigerian movie industry. He stated because of short of funds to produce a movie, filmmakers do rush jobs. He told The Sun that, “As a filmmaker, a major challenge is getting proper funding to execute world class films. With little production time on our side, we need to get the job done and get off set as quickly as possible because the longer you stay on set, the more money you spend. "And the sad thing is that you are not guaranteed returns on investment. And then when you do post production, the poor distribution channel in the country does not give you the room to make your money back.”
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