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A Nollywood director in Malaysia, Ifeanyi Johnpaul Aguonu was sentenced to 10 strokes of the cane and 15 years in jail for drug possession. Nigerian film director gets jail term in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur: A Nigerian movie director was on Thursday given a 15-year jail term after Malaysian authorities arrested him with 2.4 kg of methamphetamines in his possession. Ifeanyi Johnpaul Aguonu, 38, was also slapped with 10 strokes of the cane for the offence of bringing the drugs into the country in March 2011. High Court Justice Abdul Alim Abdullah expressed concern that many Nigerians had entered Malaysia with drugs without any fear of the law. "Our country has a strict rule when it comes to drugs, that the law provides a death penalty for drug trafficking. If you are convicted of a capital offence here, you could have been hung from the neck until you die," the judge said before sentencing Aguonu. “But you've been saved from the gallows because your counsel sent a representation and the Attorney-General Chambers agreed to give you an alternative charge," he said. @Zeenews Click the link below to go to... 15 million Nigerians want to go to America – survey Let’s not deny something’s wrong with this picture? ABOUT DAYO AMUSA’S NEW LOOK ACTOR SEGUN ARINZE IS BEREAVED PICTURES: As Former Delta State Governor James Ibori Pleads Guilty in a UK Court, Here is a look at his “Fabulous” Lifestyle James Ibori Gets 13 Years Sentence
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