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This is indeed the best of times for Nollywood burgeoning actress, Mimi Orjiekwe as after a successful birthday bash at Faraway Zanzibar in Tanzania, she was proposed with an engagement ring by the former Tinsel actor, Charles Billion, her lover of long standing that started early last year. According to information gathered by Nigeriafilms.com, preparation is in high spirit over the official pronouncement to tie the knot before the end of the year. Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Mimi is still basking in euphoria of the surprise engagement on her birthday. She shared her experience on how she got hooked to her beau, Billion, “We met at Simeon’s birthday party last year March 15, 2012. After that day, nothing happened again until the day I visited Tinsel’s office for a personal business. I met him again there and he asked for my BlackBerry pin, which I released to him having met before. Then I travelled back to Abuja, we were also chatting until we hooked up again at a movie location.” She also confessed that, “It was that moment that the relationship began to move, and I can vividly remember that he would come up one day and say, “make we marry.” And you know, I was just seeing it as a joke until we all travelled together to Zanzibar for my birthday. Then he played a smart one on me while flying to Zanzibar, by telling my friends not to disclose anything to me based on the engagement cake that has a write-up of, “will you marry me?” I even tried finding out from my friend Moyo Lawal, but she hesitated. Later at night, I got out of the shower, next I saw was him presenting the ring and cake, asking that I should marry him,” she concluded. Remember, this is the second time Nollywood actresses are picking from the Tinsel series actors, the first was Toyin Aiyemakhu who picked Johnson and now, the former Tinsel actor, Billion.
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