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Singer, Davido, is currently having a swell time in Dubai where he has gone to relax himself along with some of his crew members. With his recent achievements in the Nigerian entertainment industry, the singer has been able to make a large fan base that is always ready to be on the lookout for him in whatever he does. Davido displayed a picture of him trying to go sky diving while explaining that he actually wants to do it but scared at the same time. As signs of love and care, fans took to his social media page to comment that they still want him alive as he tries to take such steps into sky diving. mrparkaging: Has O’boy u don reach your limit, u wan die you think say na music dem day play for sky diving, I swell before you reach ground u don faint. battycalm: Pls be careful...we all need u alive kwinblinks: Safe dive one love davido but careful
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