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Michael Stephen, popularly called by his stage name, Ruggedman, has debunked rumours that he was humiliated by the Chinese police during a show in the Asia country recently as being peddled by some online media platforms. It was reported in the media that the Rugged Nation boss was disgraced mid-show while performing at the ABCD Club. He denied experiencing such occurrence in the country as claimed. He said, "Someone just said she read I was disgraced and arrested in China. Just because things aint going well for you, does not mean it is not going well for others "You wey say dem arrest and disgrace me for China, because your own no better, no mean say you another person own no go better. Work and pray hard, you hear? "Good news no just dey sweet some people. you wll have more to write sooner than you know." Sharing his view on the delicacies in China, the rapper said, “My friend has been trying to convince me to eat cockroach and snake. Laughing my a** off!!
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