Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie, has revealed that his character in comic movies took him by surprise despite being in the creative industry for a long time. The actor stated that he is a shy person who only gets motivated when he gets a bank alert on his phone for a cast that needs to be done but does not like watching his own movies because they are so foolish. Charles disclosing how he was able to woe his wife being a comic actor, stated that he was so fortunate that his comic roles had not gotten so worse the way it is today as it would have made him lose his present wife. He stated that if he had asked his wife to marry him, she would have called the police to arrest him for harassment. “It is only a comedian that carries the burden of seeing a beautiful lady that he likes, walks up to her to ‘toast’ her and the girl would just say, ‘get out there, you have come with your joke again.’ How do serious people propose to their girlfriends? But the luck I had in my own case was I wasn't this ‘foolish’ when I proposed to her. If it were to be today, I am sure she would have called the police to arrest me for harassment.” your social media marketing partner