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Fast-rising actress, Sonia Ogiri, who celebrated her birthday on October 1, 2015, says she hopes to be a better person as she grows older. The actress, who spoke with Leadership in an interview to mark her day, further said people give wrong judgement about the movie industry in Nigeria called Nollywood. According to her, people love to criticise the industry despite the huge change that has occurred over the years in Nollywood. She narrated an experience she encountered at a place a while ago. Sonia said, “I went somewhere to do something and some said the he doesn’t watch Nollywood movies because you would see someone carrying a hair and they will say months later, the same person is still carrying the same hair and all that. READ ALSO: MY WIVES ARE NOT BEGGARS, THEY WORK HARD FOR THEIR MONEY …KING SUNNY ADE “He was complaining seriously, and when he was saying all that, it threw me off everything. I was a kind of irritated because when people castigate or talk down on what you do, it is a natural thing to feel and ask why these people are not seeing our contributions. “And then, before I could say a word, someone else asked him when last he watched Nigerian films because these things you are saying are far things. “I was just excited and I asked him when last he watched home movies. He said that the year has been long and I encouraged him to watch the current movies. Watch the now Nollywood, they have improved very well. She further told Leadership, “Nollywood movies are been recognised all over the country. In fact, I will tell you for sure that I think I’m more popular abroad than in Nigeria because before a movie comes out here, it has been shown abroad and the way people appreciate you up there, your own country people do not appreciate you like that.”
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