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Marriage is one of the oldest institutions to have ever been recognized by God as every able man and woman who is well and sane look forward to as they grow old. But the prevailing situation in the country is keeping many able young men and women to stay away from marital relation and union. Poverty has denied a lot of couple and spouse happiness in marital relationship as allot of people believe that marital relationship can never be smooth without money. That is not to say that money is the central attraction in every relationship but it plays a vital role in every union. Some believe that money makes love grow stronger while others believe otherwise. Some have even argued that when you love a woman and care so much about her without being able to provide for her needs physically, there is every tendency for such a woman to look else where to find a man that will be able to meet both and financial and physical needs as some believe that the emotional needs is not important in this case. Relationship becomes sweeter when the couples have money to spend, they might not be super rich but at least the man should be able to provide the basic necessities of life for the wife and the entire family. The issue of money cannot be over emphasized and under estimated. Both partners needs to handle the issue with utmost care in order for it not to cause disagreement between the couples in love. Talking about disagreement in relationship it is easier especially now that we are in festive period as the tension is now high to shop for the family for Christmas as such caution should be applied by couples to fight against disagreements. At times, you wonder why disagreement over money keeps dividing you and your partners, especially during festive season like this. It has nearly turned your home into a war zone. But, you and your partner can solve financial differences amicably without any fight, there are a few ways you could go about solving money problems in your relationship. • Firstly, choose a time for money discussion! It is better not to do it when you have just finished paying some bills or when you are angry over something. In essence, it is better to discuss when you are both relaxed. • Secondly, make a list of your priorities: In this, you make list of the most important to the least important e.g. saving to buy a house, or for your child’s education etc. The most important in your list should be attended to first before any other thing. • Thirdly, avoid interruptions: don’t rush words or interrupt when your partner is making suggestions or explaining feelings about money issues. Give each other a chance to express your feelings. Don’t ever point fingers over past financial problems or mistakes you might have encountered before. • Fourthly, if you become angry or emotional during discussion stop and continue later: You can never communicate effectively when you are angry or emotional. It makes communication very difficult. The atmosphere should be calm before discussion takes place. • Fifthly, communicate in writing if talking out your problem leads to conflict: express yourself in writing to your partner, how you think money should be spent and saved. Again, be ready for compromise: You must make sure you and your partner comes to a compromise you are both comfortable with and always negotiate an agreement. Also, don’t over power your partner if you make more money: There should be mutual respect between the two of you regardless of who earns more money. Lastly, draw up a financial plan: This is an important tool for shaping your financial future together with this you can be at little or no risk of falling into financial risks.
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