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Toyin Alausa is one of the popular faces you see when it comes to soap operas on Nigerian television. The amiable lady has featured in so many television series where she has carved a niche for herself. A close source to Toyin recently reveals to us that she’s taken timeout in the movie industry to focus more on her new found vocation catering. Our sources further hinted that the reason for her temporary change of profession is based on the fact that the competition in the movie industry is getting stiffer, and she needs something to fall back on. We contacted her to confirm the report and she said; “I took a break to do a test run on catering. I noticed that my friends call me oftentimes to ask me to prepare the dishes they ate in my house for their parties so I took a break and got a place at Eric Moore, where I cook and serve my customers myself. “I am sure, people would wonder why? But I can not let my stardom stop me from doing what will earn me good money. Because these people, who are looking at you and frowning, will not help you when you go to them,” the actress says. In her thirties and a single mother, Toyin, now a business woman has featured in soaps like Family Ties, Treasures, Edge of Paradise and Doctors quarters on MNET and a host of others.
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