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The caller on the other end sounded very friendly – almost as if she and I were close friends. “Let me tell you something: I am an ardent reader of your site and I want to thank you for giving us great stories about some of our favorite Nollywood stars. I am – a very famous p-r- star (I will keep her name anonymous per her request) and though I am an American, but my parents are from the Island of Jamaica, and we’re big fans of Nollywood. My parents and I own close to 2,000 copies of various Nollywood films, and we watch an average of 3 films a day. But that’s not the reason why I called you... – I called you to express a great disappointment over the antics of one of the big stars of the industry, who has been badgering me for 6 months now for a physical hook-up. I have refused to honor his request, even though by the very definition of what I do – my profession, I should have jumped at the opportunity to ‘hook up’ with this dashing dark-skinned and outrageously handsome actor, but I just can’t seem to have the moral – yes moral justification to do so”! According to the extremely pretty and ‘bootlylicious’ p-r- star who had asked me to Google her name and see her pecking order in the skin trade, which I did, and was convinced she was the real person, told me, the top actor had contacted her after someone had given him her private information. “I was shocked when I received a call from the actor, who told me his real name, and I was like “No, you can’t be serious! Is this some kind of a prank call or are you the real actor? I had asked, to which he replied in the affirmative. I challenged him to send me his picture if he, indeed was the real actor. Less than five minutes, his picture was on my phone, and I was shocked that he did so! I mean, this is a big star – one who could have practically any woman he desired, but was so taken in to the extent of sending his picture to a complete stranger. He told me he had been my great fan, and had seen a number of my movies, and wished to hook up with me. He said he was in Texas, and wouldn’t mind sending me a ticket to meet with me right away. I told him my ‘fee’ was on the high-side – $1,500 for a night of unbridled passion, and he told me that was fine with him, and requested my banking details so he could wire part of the money, with the promise to give me the balance upon my arrival in Texas.” According to the light-skinned skinflick actress, she “was torn between accepting the offer and wondering on the other hand, what that amount could do, to help millions of people in Africa who could use the $1,500 to “put food on the table. I may be a p-r- -star, but I see myself as a practitioner of the trade with a difference. I have genuine love for people – especially the under-privileged and the downtrodden. Some days, I would disguise myself and go to a local food pantry and serve up meals to poor people, and would give some of them money to get by. I see myself as a p-r--star who got caught up with the wrong crowd initially, and having been in this business for a while now, is determined to quit someday, and start a foundation to help young girls who may have lost or are in the process of losing their sense of direction. I therefore, told the actor that tempting as his offer was, I couldn’t bring myself to accepting his offer, and advised him to use the money to support a cause that was close to his heart in Africa.” The actress went on to say that “I was shocked when the actor instead of relenting, offered to top the fee with an additional $500. My answer remained “No” and he hasn’t stopped badgering me ever since. I decided to reach out to you, not that I am something of a moral crusader of which I am not by a thousand miles, but I think people with means should try to balance their craving for physical satisfaction with the drive to do good as well – especially those whom God has blessed like the handsome actor. I love him and have seen plenty of his movies, but I just can’t seem to find satisfaction taking his money for a night of companionship when that money could be used to help other very needy people.” All efforts to reach the actor failed, but a close friend whom we contacted had dismissed the p-r- star’s claims as a story concocted by a besotted fan who was smitten by the actor, and had made several overtures to him, but was turned down, because the actor has “his hands full with other commitments.” Who do you believe? We leave you to ponder over this question!
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